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The company DEMA SERVICE specializes in complex installations of industrial equipment, transfers and relocations of production lines, machinery and various types of equipment both in the country and abroad. We provide comprehensive services. Based on the experience of our employees and using professional equipment for any work requiring high precision, we offer you the highest quality of services in the following areas:

  • relocations and transfers of production lines and machinesDema Serwis - relokacje
  • maintenance services for production lines
  • repairs and modernization of machinery and equipment
  • assembly and installation of industrial equipment

We have appropriate equipment needed to carry out complex operations covering the assembly of entire production lines, what reduces the costs related to the services we provide. The knowledge in the area of many industry sectors and the extensive engineering experience of our team ensure the success of each project. Our company offer you the following services:

  • planning and conducting of repair and modernization work
  • 24h technical support
  • maintenance of machines and equipment
  • troubleshooting
  • conducting corrective and preventive maintenance Dema Serwis
  • purchasing and management of spare parts logistics
  • conducting technical cleanings of machines
  • completing and updating technical documentation of machines
  • planning and implementing technical improvements of machines
  • planning and management of repair work
  • development and implementation of production maintenance